Technology & Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Mining Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy and Modelling Services

  • RMM is experienced with and can assist with your pathway to net zero while minimising disruption to the operations.

Mine Site Electrification

  • Trolley assist haulage
  • Electric Rope Shovels and Electric Hydraulic Machines
  • Concept studies through to execution for mine site technology, such as battery mining equipment

Alternative or Supplementary Fuels

  • Dual fuel blending
  • Bio Diesel
  • Renewable Diesel replacements
  • Hydrogen

Mine site renewables or on site CSG generation

  • Mine site renewables or on site CSG generation.

Reliability with Autonomous fleets

  • Partnered with industry leading Autonomous groups to provide asset reliability inclusive of the Autonomous layer.
  • Experienced within a tier one miner Automation Committee, purposed with outlining their roadmap to an Autonomous mine.