Trolley Assist: Why is Old Tech exciting New Tech

Date Published

March 18, 2022




You may have noticed a number of announcements recently from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Mining Companies relating to Trolley Assist in mining.

It would be reasonable to ask, why is there so much excitement about a technology which has been used on mine sites since the 1970s?

The simple answer to this is energy, up until recently the Trolley Assist systems have been used where fuel costs are high and electricity is comparatively lower, this has seen Trolley Assist largely used in countries such as Zambia and South Africa.

So why is trolley assist so exciting now, the simple answer is also energy, green energy and carbon abatement to be specific. Trolley Assist has the potential to materially reduce mining companies’ carbon footprint today and is also seen as a likely charging front runner for future Battery Electric Haul Trucks (BEHT).

RMM is experienced with group-wide mining carbon abatement and mine site application of Trolley Assist, Alternative Fuels and future BEHTs.

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